CHC/SEK helps patients improve blood pressure through Healthy Heart Ambassador Program

Donna Painter was living with high blood pressure when she decided to participate in a new program at CHC/SEK, the Healthy Heart Ambassador Program. During the 4-month-long program, she began to see the benefits of monitoring her blood pressure and having a heart-healthy diet.   

Donna is among the very first patients who completed the program at CHC/SEK.    

High blood pressure is the most common condition in adults and the number one risk factor for stroke and heart disease. To help patients achieve better blood pressure, CHC/SEK’s Healthy Heart Ambassadors visit participants face-to-face, by phone or email. The ambassadors are trained lifestyle coaches and advocates that help participants monitor and understand their blood pressure readings. They provide support, guidance, and encouragement as participants monitor and record blood pressure at home on scales and blood pressure cuffs CHC/SEK provides.   

Community Health Worker and Healthy Heart Ambassador Missy Jennings visited with patients at home, the 924 building and even public places such as Wesley House.   

“Where the patient needs me is wherever I’m going to go meet them,” Missy said.   

The ambassadors and patients meet in person every two weeks to go over blood pressure readings that come back to the ambassador electronically. Once a month they host a nutrition seminar.   

The program helped Donna establish relationships with other people over their common issue, high blood pressure, she said. It also gave her another point of contact for questions about high blood pressure, high blood pressure triggers and nutrition. 

Referrals to the program can be made by providers and through several programs at CHC/SEK. Patients can be enrolled at any time.  

For more information, people can reach Missy or CHW Rene Ludeman.

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