New CHC/OK Bartlesville Clinic Open

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas has opened its second Oklahoma-based health clinic inside the Washington County Elder Care facility at 1223 Swan Dr., Bartlesville OK. 

The new CHC/OK Bartlesville Clinic will focus on medical care for patients 18 and older that are healthy and seeking primary care as needed and for those with chronic or complex medical issues. 

Washington County Elder Care was established in 1983 as a not-for-profit organization designed to be the central coordinator of services for mature adults and their families in Washington, Nowata, and Osage counties and recently reached out to CHC/SEK to manage and expand their medical services.    

Internist Jerry Brad Jarrell, MD who has served at Elder Care since 2014, has joined the CHC/OK Bartlesville Clinic staff and will continue to see patients along with Physician Assistant Rhonda Line, who is transitioning to Bartlesville from the Coffeyville clinic. Desery Drake is the practice manager; Ashley Witt is the medical assistant and Myra Richards is at the registration desk.

Lori Rexwinkle, Chief Operations Officer at CHC/SEK, praised the support staff who worked ahead of the opening in preparation for the Go Live opening.  “Based on its location, opening Bartlesville presented some different challenges than we’ve previously experienced, and the advance teams each rose to the occasion,” she said.  Among the many who have spent time with their boots on the ground in Bartlesville are: Jaia Kiister, Coffeyville Clinic; Becky Spainhower, Regional Nursing Director South Area; Ariel Harryman, RN Clinical Projects Coordinator; Kyla Lawson, Director of Laboratory Services; Taniena Whittley, Parsons Clinic; Heather Benham, EHR Manager; Tawnya Madl, Ph.D., APRN-C Pittsburg; Dawn Glass, RN Parsons, Holley Forrest and Ginger Hubbard, Pittsburg; and Jeremiah Hagan Director of Information Systems and his entire team.    

In a press release, Cordell Rumsey, Executive Director with Elder Care said he was thrilled to announce this expansion, saying “the ‘CHC’ experience, mission, and vision for the clinic is a perfect fit for clinic patients and the community to serve our community for years to come, especially those on Medicare and with limited income.” 

The clinic is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The telephone number for the CHC/OK Bartlesville Clinic is 918-214-8081.

Left to Right : Ashley Witt (MA), Myra Richards (Registration), Becky Spainhower (Director of Nursing – South)
Back Row: Heather Benham (IT/eMR Manager), Ariel Harryman (Clinical Projects Coordinator), Taniena Whittley (PM-Labette Co.), Jaia Kiister (PM-MG Co.)
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