CHC/SEK Coffeyville opens Apothecare in-clinic pharmacy

The Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas-Coffeyville Clinic, located at 801 W. 8th St., is pleased to announce the opening of its new in-house Apothecare Pharmacy.  

In addition to filling prescriptions, the new pharmacy, located inside the front of the clinic, will stock a variety of over-the-counter products and medications.  

Lisa Wells, PharmD and Vice President of Pharmacy at CHC/SEK, says for patients facing challenges, having pharmacy services inside their clinic is of great benefit. These pharmacists fulfill the medication and information needs of patients, and assist facilitating patients’ participation in pharmaceutical manufacturers’ safety net programs.  

“We want to ensure patients have the option to leave their doctor’s visit with the medications they need in hand and understand their use,” Wells says.  

Janel Baker, PharmD, from Parsons serves as the Pharmacist-In-Charge. Also staffing the pharmacy are Adam Blaes, PharmD, and Michelle Cox, PharmD.  

Where transportation is an issue, Apothecare Pharmacy offers free delivery Monday through Friday to Kansas towns within 15 miles of Coffeyville including Independence.  

Coffeyville’s new Apothecare Pharmacy is available to anyone, one does not need to be a clinic patient to utilize it. Patients wishing to transfer their prescriptions can do so in person or call 620-505-7001. Apothecare Pharmacy will need to know which pharmacy the patient is transferring from, medication to transfer, and insurance information. 

Patients can also request refills of their prescriptions in a variety of ways, including access to a 24-hour refill line, and quickly request refills with the Apothecare Refill Quick app.   

The hours of operation will initially be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Saturday. The pharmacy will transition to seven days a week on May 6. The pharmacy accepts almost all forms of insurance. 

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