CHC/SEK adapts to patient needs 

On Memorial Day, CHC/SEK history was made.    

Pittsburg North clinic and pharmacy were open, marking the first holiday that a CHC clinic was open for patient care. The result was overwhelming, with 70 patients receiving care, so many it required calling in assistance from a second provider to help handle the volume. 

Meanwhile, because illness and accidents don’t take holidays, patient advocates across the campus in CHC/SEK’s Mission Control communication center handled more than 270 patient calls. Many were able to come to the Pittsburg clinic to be seen. Mission Control answers the phone seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. almost every day of the year. 

“The ability for patients to speak with a live person, rather than a machine, has always been a priority at CHC/SEK,” said Dr. Linda Bean, Chief Clinical Officer. “When we talk about ‘healthcare the way it should be,’ the ability for someone needing assistance to be able to call and speak with a real person who can work toward solving their needs it is just one of the many ways CHC/SEK has reimagined access to healthcare. Likewise, offering Walk-In Care on select holidays and having a pharmacy available to fill a prescription ensures that patients get better quickly.” 

One of the pillars of CHC/SEK’s mission and values is being closely connected to community need. After reviewing call volumes over the past two years on holidays, it was determined that there was clear demand for services on holidays. Because of the demonstrated demand on Memorial Day, the Pittsburg North clinic will be open on July 4, Independence Day; and Labor Day, September 2. 

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