Parents can now fill out ASQ online 

Before their child’s next well-child check appointment at the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, parents can now fill out the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) online and in the comfort of their own home.   

ASQs help identify developmental or behavioral conditions, language delays, or other needs, such as food insecurity and housing instability. These conditions can contribute to gaps in school readiness and impact a student’s ability to succeed. The questionnaire helps identify strengths or areas where children aged zero through five may need additional support.  

“Early childhood development is key in the overall development of any child,” CHC/SEK Patient Education & Support Manager Julie Laverack said. “It helps with emotional regulation, decision-making, and impulse control. Early intervention for developmental delays is essential. By meeting the child’s needs as early as possible, many developmental delays can be addressed prior to attending school.”  

When making an appointment for their next well-child check in person, parents or guardians will receive an appointment card with a smartphone-scannable QR code linking to the ASQ form to be completed before their child’s next appointment. A second code on the card links to the CHC Academy can be scanned for additional educational resources for families. Text message reminders with the new ASQ online link will also be sent out prior to their appointment.   

Flyers with ASQ QR code links are also in the lobbies of each CHC/SEK clinic for parents or guardians to scan while waiting to be seen. Other options to complete the questionnaire are available for those without internet access. ASQs are available in both English and Spanish. For assistance in completing ASQs in other languages, parents or guardians can request to speak to a translator.  

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