Five-year-old Cana Stewart wears the blue "be kind" t-shirt she designed.

Sharing is kindness 

To five-year-old Cana Stewart, sharing is kindness.  

Each year, Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas chooses a design made by a child to print on t-shirts which are sold to benefit the Fairy Godmother Fund, providing direct support of CHC/SEK patients and employees. Funds have been used for emergencies, gas and food cards, utility assistance, funeral expenses and other unexpected financial needs.  

The shirts always have a message, be kind. 

Cana’s design has two children on it. One child is herself, wearing a shirt with a heart-shaped lollipop on it (because she has a big heart of course). She is sharing a doll with her friend — who also happens to be wearing a shirt with a heart-shaped lollipop on it. 

Cana chose to draw a picture of giving a toy to her friend because it’s kind to share, she says.  

Her mother, CHC/SEK Physician Julie Stewart, said her children have been learning about how other children may have more or less than they do and when someone is in need, it’s kind to share.  

Cana has been practicing being generous and kind to others. When she learned that her friend didn’t have very many toys or clothes, she collected clothes that were too small for her and toys that she was no longer interested in and took them to the little girl. A couple weeks later, she was asked to draw “being kind.”  She drew a picture of her giving her items to her friend.  

“It’s an adorable little story,” her mother says. “I had been teaching the kids about poverty and what it looks like to give to people who are poor.” 

She also has been practicing kindness by letting her preschool friends join her during play time. 

Shirts can be purchased online at here.  

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